Are There Any Special Legal Requirements When Printing Custom CBD Labels?

foil cbd product label contents

Custom CBD labels have to follow certain specific legal requirements in order for the CBD-based products to be legally sold without any unpleasant surprises. In fact, since there is a lot of confusion regarding the exact type of content which is allowed to appear on a CBD product label, there are many cases of lawsuits filed against certain companies.


One good thing to know is never to include controversial or misleading information regarding the potential health benefits of your CBD products. Another essential detail is to display your label information properly and clearly. Moreover, you should make sure it can be read easily. Another major thing to bear in mind is not to violate Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970.


The type of information which your CBD labels must necessarily include is the brand’s name. The ingredient declaration must also be found on the outside label. The inner containers do not have to include the ingredients.


There are also some essential facts which should not be absent from your CBD labels. As an example, in case certain products are to be taken only before bedtime, this should be mentioned on the label. Some other relevant information would refer to whether your CBD product is full-spectrum or isolate. The expiry date should be included, too.