Are QR Codes Still Relevant to Food & Beverage Companies?

Labels printing QR CodesWhen QR codes became widespread in the 2010’s, they were considered to be the most advanced solution of conveying product-related information to customers, but the popularity was short-lived as customers, even the ones belonging to demographic groups that typically owned smartphones and used them extensively, lost interest and started to ignore them. Lately, QR codes seem to be making a comeback – as smart devices are becoming more common and as the applications for reading QR codes are easier to use and more reliable, being native apps on most phones, QR codes have become relevant for food and beverage companies again. Here is why:

  • Increased interest in quality – as people are becoming increasingly conscious about the ingredients in their food, they are also demanding more detailed information with the use of extended content labels about ingredients and manufacturing procedures. The range of information they are looking for being so wide, traditional labels are no longer suitable for including them all. Scanning the QR code will instantly take the customer to a surface where all the relevant details are provided in an organized way;
  • Increased brand awareness – customers appreciate transparency and easy access to the information they are looking for, therefore placing QR codes on labels is a great way to increase brand loyalty.