Are CBD Labels For Edibles Hard To Design?

CBD Product Label Involved Details Requirements

It’s not necessarily that CBD labels are hard to design, because advertising companies can create everything you need nowadays, but that there are some special requirements for them, resulting from the fact that the FDA tries to prevent manufacturers and sellers from advertising this type of CBD-infused products.

Consequently, there are CBD product label requirements in every state, and complying with them is necessary.

For a label design company, which is not local, it can be difficult to keep up with CBD label laws in every state, so they typically opt to respect the most stringent rules that stent to flow across the most stringent states. These include:

 The FDI general labeling requirements

These refer to the fact that these type of product labels have to contain four basic elements:  the identity of the product, the net weight statement, a complete list of ingredients and the manufacturer`s contact details.

FDA warning statement

This statement refers to the fact that the FDA has not evaluated the product for efficacy or safety.

Medical and health claims on CBD products are not acceptable.

QR code or a scannable barcode

These elements pertain to basic details such the product name, the batch identification number, the batch size, the expiration date, the certificate of analysis etc.

Cannabinoid content and prop 65

CBD labels must identify cannabinoid concentration per package or per serving. Additionally, products that contain carcinogens or toxicants must have a certain label warning about this aspect.