All You Need to Know about the Principles of Design for Product Labels

Product labels are often underrated when it comes to the contribution they bring to the sale of a certain product and to the influence they can create to change the face of an entire industry, at times. But even though these labels “wield” so much power, there are certain rules and principles that have to be observed when you prepare a label for your new product.


First of all, labels need a balanced design that brings awareness to your brand and product, the peel and reveal labels work wonders too. That is why, usually, labels have a visible sticker or logo attached to them that immediately brings attention to the manufacturing company or the supplier of the product. Additionally, product labels also have to be clear and easy to read. You need to know exactly what the product is and what the label represents.


Aside from all that, important information about the product and the company will have to be revealed. In many cases, labels contain contact information and even the physical address of the company. Sometimes, you’ll also find specific information about the ingredients or component parts of a certain product – depending on what it is.


Finally, when it comes to the creative aspect of the design, psychology has to blend with aesthetics and business to create a strong message conveyed by an image that sells instantly. You can achieve this by showing a picture or some artwork that conveys the message that you are aware of your customers’ problems and the product is exactly the answer or the solution they seek in order to solve them.