Affordable and Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Plastic Packaging  – What Can It Do for Your Company?

affordable cannabis packaging solutions

Depending on your products, you can use a lot of different materials for the purpose of packaging them. While many manufacturers feel that they are stuck on plastic – because it’s cheap and easy to access – experts actually point out that there are better solutions available. These can be cheaper, more secure and more eco-friendly as well.


Some of these options can include wood, bamboo, natural fiber cloth, pottery and ceramics, as well as glass and even stainless steel. Stainless steel is seen as a somewhat more durable material, but of course it’s definitely not cheap enough to be a practical replacement.


Wood and natural fiber cloth are considered to be the most ecologically friendly alternatives to plastic that you can use for your packaging. But are they more affordable? The answer is that they can be, depending on the manufacturer. However, the average price is still somewhat higher. The good news is that the environmentally friendly qualities of these materials are gaining popularity, so using them could actually earn your company greater profit, if you promote your business as supporting eco-friendly initiatives.  With the need of cannabis packaging labels Colorado now offers it is important to consider these packaging alternatives.


Along the same lines, jute, hessian, canvas and reusable paper bags are also quite popular these days. They can be far less harmful to the environment, and their prices are some of the best out there.