Advantages of Using Instant Redeemable Coupons to Advertise Your Product

Custom LabelsFeaturing instant redeemable, on-pack coupons on your products is an excellent way to promote your items without requiring you to rent expensive shelf space. IRC’s (the abbreviation used for the coupons) are small labels affixed to the packaging of the product and they play the role of informing customers about the various awards or other benefits they can get instant access to if they use the coupons. The solution comes with many advantages for the producers as well – here are some of them:

  • Motivation – the awards promised on the coupons are instantly accessible for the customers, therefore the coupons provide valuable incentive and motivation to purchase the product;
  • Moving out inventory that is close to expiry date – linking the award to purchases of a specific size can help producers and retailers sell items that are going to expire soon;
  • Promoting multiple products on one coupon – IRC’s can be used to promote several product brands by offering discounts to buyers who purchase one item belonging to each of the featured brands or by offering a discount on one brand for a purchase of an item belonging to another brand;
  • A cheap solution that provides high informative value – IRC’s are cheap to make and easy to add, yet they drive great value by transmitting important brand-related information and messages. A local custom label printer Denver is home to, is a place to start, to figure out what works best for your product.