8 Steps to Great Label Design

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What’s in a label? Apart from the mandatory information for consumers, a label that sells products should go through the following design process:


  1. Select the Right Shape

Rectangular labels are a thing of the past. Now companies get creative and design labels that attract the customer’s attention – sometimes shaped as their product (e.g. a mushroom shaped label for canned champignons).


  1. Find a Good Placement for the Logo

The company logo is what differentiates your packaged product from your competitors’ offering, on the outside. So make sure that customers can see the logo as they walk among aisles.


  1. Choose the Colors Carefully

Label colors must look great and complement your own brand colors. Professional designers have ready-made color palettes to choose from, or can create a custom one just for you.


  1. Place the List of Ingredients in a Visible Area

There are strict regulations concerning the information printed on label, especially for food and personal care products. While trying to create a great design, never compromise on the visible placement of the list of ingredients.


  1. Find a Great Font

Good fonts for labels are easy to read by anyone. Choose a simple, clean font (sans serif fonts are recommended) that matches your logo design.


  1. Select the Adequate Font Size

Peel-off labels solve the problem of cramming too much information on a single label. If a person with regular eyesight has to squint to read the label, the font is way too small.  It’s best to find a product label company near me and discuss all your options and have them create a label for you, as they have a lot of knowledge in the label design field.


  1. Look at the Label as a Whole

When you are focused on adding various elements to your label, you tend to forget about the big picture: how it all fits together. Does you label look too busy? Does it look bland? Always ask for independent feedback on its design.


  1. Print a Test Proof before You Send an Order

Last but not least, print a proof copy and actually place it on your product. Does it really look good? Would you be attracted by this label to take a closer look at the product?