5 Ways to Create a Standout Wine Label

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Romans used to say that truth can be found in wine. We do not know if this is true, but we know that wine has been a popular alcoholic drink for thousands of years. At the present, there are so many wine brands on the market, so that consumers find it hard to make the right choice.


You can make your wine brand stand out with the right label. Here are some ideas to create an eye catching label:


  1. Use a Creative Shape

Wine labels can be very creative. You have sufficient space on the bottle to choose a large, statement label, or a minimalistic one, shaped as anything from a bunch of grapes to a medieval coat of arms.


  1. Adapt the Label Colors to the Wine

You should make sure that the label colors stand out against the wine color. Thus, you will create different color palettes for white, red and rose wine.


  1. Add Foil Stamping to the Label

Foil, with its subtle glitter, is a great accessory for wine labels. You can choose to print the wine name with foil stamping, or add a discrete graphic element.


  1. Choose Your Lettering Carefully

The font used for the label must match your brand and the character of the wine. It is such a crucial element, that you should consider hiring a graphic designer from a product label company near me to create your custom font.


  1. Texture

Wine labels can have various textures, from silky smooth to rugged. Again, the label texture should say something about the character of the wine.