5 Tips for Promoting Your Brand Personality through Labels

Tips digital printing design product labels


Labels have a double role in product packaging: they tell consumers what the product contains and embody the image and personality of the brand. You want to have a memorable label, which consumers will recognize easily.


Here are a few considerations:


  1. Find the Right Size

A label does not have to cover the entire product, especially if you rely on creative packaging design from a digital printing Denver shop.


  1. Decide on the Best Color Palette, Font and Size

Texts on the label must be easy to read. It does not mean that you should not use an artistic font, as long as it is easily legible. At the same time, choose colors that complement each other and match your brand colors.


  1. Remember that Less Is More

Simplicity is elegant and will serve you better in terms of label design than a busy print with lots of colors and graphic elements.


  1. Integrate the Label in the Packaging Design

The label and the packaging should not compete for the consumer’s attention, but work together. Do not choose a label design that strives to outshine the packaging in terms of design and originality.


  1. Work around Your Brand Logo

Your logo and brand identity elements should integrate seamlessly in the logo design. If they look like an afterthought, then you should scrap the design and start all over again.