5 Essential Tips for Handling Flexible Packaging and Labels

packet printing labels flexible

Custom packaging is always somewhat of a challenge for label and sachet pouch printing companies, and it has its own set of requirements. The paper has to be carefully selected, and the design of the label will usually be of the type that you can still read it easily if the package is distorted and changes its original shape.


Flexible packages can be added to items made of rubber or other flexible materials. Toys, balls and certain clothing items and pillows might have labels and packages that are somewhat flexible in nature and designed to take on the shape of the product in question. Also, there are some fragile items that require the packaging to be flexible in order to lessen the impact on the product if it falls down or suffers an impact.


Flexible packaging and labels will generally need to follow these rules:


  1. They have to be made from sturdy paper or a material that won’t easily be damaged.
  2. You need to avoid ink and coloring that will fade if the package is tossed around a lot.
  3. Labels should feature clear fonts allowing customers to read them even if the shape of the package is distorted.
  4. Labels should include easy to read information about the product, especially if it’s fragile.
  5. Like the font, it’s also good practice to include graphics that will still be easily recognizable (and may even look better) when the package is somewhat distorted.