4 Ways to Level Up Your Cannabis Labels


foil marijuana labels printing company

Since cannabis became legal for recreational or medicinal use, a lot of businesses offer it in various forms: oil, cream, edibles, etc. With so much competition on the market, you want to make sure that your cannabis based products stand out. Thus, you need product labels that really grab consumers’ attention.


Here are four ways to do it:


  1. Choose Crisp, Bright Colors

Colors have a strong impact on people’s emotional response. You should consider bright contrasting color that are relevant to the product and create a harmonious design.


  1. Opt for Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is the process that creates shiny labels, which appear to be gilded. It is an added touch of style and luxury that customers appreciate. After all, if the label is golden, the product must be high quality.


  1. Choose Original Label Shapes

Labels don’t have to be oval or rectangular. For cannabis, you can think outside the box and choose a label shaped like the hemp leaf. Or you can choose a label shape that mimics your company logo. The only requirement is to have enough space to list all the required product details.  Get the best designed marijuana labels Colorado companies offer through businesses like Primeflex.


  1. Apply Special Coatings

Matte, satin or holographic finish? No matter how far your imagination goes, modern technology has a solution for you. Don’t be shy, make your cannabis labels stand out!