4 Common Mistakes for CBD Labels

cbd product green leaf label

The CBD market is in full development, which means that there will be a lot of new products on the market. Therefore, CBD-based businesses need to work on their visual identity in order to stand out from the rest of competing companies.

There are several recurrent mistakes that can be found in a CBD product label, out of which we could mention four of them:

  1. They fail to include legally required information. This may refer to the actual ingredients of the product, the name of the manufacturer and/or distributer, if the CBD is full spectrum, net weight for the product, etc.
  2. Certain CBD labels have font problems. There are certain font sizes and styles which are recommended, just to make sure that the required message can be easily read by the target audience, and not only.
  3. Some CBD labels make health claims about its beneficial effects in the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer, epilepsy, etc. And that is strictly forbidden by the FDA. However, it is perfectly fine to state that your CBD product is organic or without GMO.
  4. Placing the focus on CBD, instead of the company’s brand and on building a long-lasting, trustful relationship with customers.