3D Label Printing Can Help You Grow Your Sales

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Labels can tell a lot about a product and the people that sell it. That’s why more and more big companies and small-scale manufacturers are investing in catchy labels with potential for attracting people when they walk in a store or see them on a shelf. Custom label printing has come a long way since the first batch of ink and paper labels, and now various service providers are now offering new and interesting solutions for almost every one of your marketing needs.

One of the biggest innovations that custom label printing has brought to the market are 3D labels. Although labels with raised writing, images or other 3D elements aren’t necessarily something new, nowadays they have become affordable enough that everyone can use them to make their products stand out and increase sales.

Research has shown that the way a product’s label looks plays a huge role in why consumers choose a particular brand over another – when given the choice between two brands they don’t know, 70% of consumers will opt for the one that has the more appealing label or packaging. With a high quality 3D label from a digital printing Colorado company, you will not only improve aesthetics, but you will also appeal to the sense of touch – and touch can be an important factor too in a customer’s decision-making.