3 Ways Peel and Reveal Labels Can Help You Find More Buyers

piggyback label product specifics

Peel and reveal labels are a special kind that makes it possible to have several different layers of labels glued together so that the customer can peel the label to read what is written underneath. This interesting innovation in terms of labeling certainly can bring you more customers if it is used the right way.

Apart from the fact that they are very appealing in terms of appearance, these labels can do the trick of complying with current legislation, which requires that more and more information needs to be included on the products’ labels.

Peel and reveal namely a piggyback label includes information regarding the nutrition elements contained by certain foods, cooking instructions, several different languages, or safety and health-related information.

Here are three ways in which these labels can help you get more buyers:

  1. They can display a lot of data in a tiny space. Food and medicine are among the best examples in this respect.
  2. They can include various artworks and present multiple promotions.
  3. They manage to better grab your customers’ attention than regular labels due to their unusual design and the complexity of the content they manage to include.

If you want to include more information than you can fit on a standard label, peel and reveal labels may be a good choice for your product.