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Primeflex Adds New Press with Market Leading Technology

Primeflex’s new press is only one of two in the USA that also has a reinsertion unit that enables two-sided printing for adding eye marks, smart QR codes, promotional messages and tracking numbers to the liner side of the labels.

Because the press is far more efficient than traditional printing presses, there is less waste, yielding a more Earth-friendly production method. The HP INDIGO press delivers high productivity on a variety of materials, has perfect registration, high-resolution print quality and consistent color management.

Primeflex customers can proof and prototype on the actual material, no more guesswork on how custom labels and flexible packaging solutions will look.

Along with our industry-specific knowledge, our Primeflex team provides you with expert consultation and a unique solutions-driven approach to solving any and all of your printing needs.

Women in Packaging and Manufacturing (WIP&M)

Primeflex is proud to have one of our staff members serve as part of the leadership council for Women in Packaging and Manufacturing, WIP&M.

Primeflex believes in making the Colorado community stronger through community involvement projects. As part of that commitment, the Primeflex team is proud to have a staff member involved in the leadership council for the Women in Packaging and Manufacturing (WIP&M).

WIP&M is a network of women with proficiency in producing, packaging and marketing a product. Collectively, the Packaging team offers a wide range of partnered services, including custom machinery, strategic planning, branding, package design, carton printing, set up boxes, label printing, marketing, photography, advertising and public relations. WIP&M strives to be a competent and complete solution to the Manufacturers in the group who gain knowledge and invaluable resources by sharing experiences with each other and utilizing combined expertise.
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Package Design

Food companies need to have their products’ package design entice customers to purchase and keep food intact.

Learn more about the importance of transparent packaging in an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal.

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