What Are Truly the Most Effective Packaging Designs for Cosmetics?

Effective Packaging

When it comes to cosmetics there are few custom packaging Colorado provider solutions that will really matter in terms of having your products fly off the shelves. Packaging is extremely important for cosmetic products due to the fact that the market is highly competitive and saturated. But you have to find the right type of packaging solution, if you want solid results. Here are a few tips to follow:


  • An eye-catching packaging solution is essential. The best packaging you can use for cosmetics is a design that features bright, beautiful colors, smooth, artistic shapes or enticing, colorful depictions of what the product in question does.
  • If you have a company that produces high quality cosmetic products, it is essential that your packaging provide adequate and durable insulation. A sturdy packaging solution will keep your product fresh even if it has to stay on the shelf for a long time.
  • Flexible packaging is usually considered to be the best possible solution for cosmetics. Eye-catching, practical and also sustainable, flexible packaging has come a long way in recent years. Today, you have free reign in selecting between multiple providers of high quality flexible packaging solutions, who know exactly what you need.


As you will see, packaging is far more than just an appearance-related issue. In many cases, it will also mean the difference between a good product that barely sells and a well-preserved good product that sells like hot cake.

Why Are Coupons So Useful in the Practice of Advertising?

Custom Labels With CouponsIf you ever ran a store – even as part of a small and largely unsuccessful business – you probably already know just how important discounts can be. When potential customers see what you have to offer, and they see that you provide it at a significant discount when compared to similar products, they will rarely hesitate to buy from you. This is an essential rule that invariably leads to customers “warming up to the business that supported them,” and it goes pretty much the same for coupons.


Coupons and coupon codes simply make practical use of the discount rule to bring more advertising to the company. Whether you have a well-established service, or you’re just starting out, a piece of tangible advertising that shows you offer part of your products and benefits for free can certainly bring you a better approach to marketing your products and raising awareness about your business.  Have a custom label printer Denver based customize your packaging to include valuable coupons.


Once people find out that your store or company offers occasional discounts presented through coupons and coupon codes, you will get a lot of new, friendly faces coming in to the store. And as it often happens, even if the same discount is no longer available, people tend to shop around some more, and find a lot of items that they never even looked for, purchasing them at a bargain price.

The Benefits of Flexographic Printing – What Can You Really Expect?

Flexographic PrinterFlexographic printing is a method of printing that has been developed to ensure the easy printing of labels for the food industry. It has many potential uses, but its most practical advantage is that it can be used more or less like a classic printing press – since it’s a method that allows us to print on almost any type of surface you can imagine.


Compared to other printing processes, flexography has a few important advantages that makes it have the upper hand in most instances:


  • Unlike practices such as litography, flexographic printing makes use of a far greater variety of inks that can be used to produce the desired effect.
  • It’s also known that flexographic printing is extremely versatile when it comes to the materials it can be printed on. From plastic and aluminum foil, to brown paper, acetate film and several other materials, flexography makes it easily possible to paint your label, message and suggestive marketing-related images on virtually anything.
  • The recent history of the practice also points to laminated labels. Laminate applications for flexography can ensure that labels last far longer and that any damage will not penetrate to the actual ink as easily.


Many believe that flexographic printing done by a local Colorado custom label printing company is the future, and that it can and will lead to similar printing methods being developed. With the help of modern technology and fast, high end printers, it seems that we really are on this path.

Packaging Done Right: What Are the Products That Need Flexible Packaging?

Custom Flexible Packaging IdeasFlexible packaging has become an extremely popular method of packaging any number of products. The idea of having a type of packaging that uses up the least amount of material possible has been an attractive one for some time. But what types of products would benefit the most from flexible packaging? Let’s take a look right now:


  • Certain food items might need flexible packaging to ensure that their shelf life can be maximized and that they can still taste and smell fresh once the packaging is opened. Meat products, as well as anything from beans to seeds can benefit greatly from dependable, flexible packaging from a custom label printing company.
  • A good reason to use flexible packaging solutions is to package pre-cooked and pre-sliced food. If you want to enjoy food items that don’t require too much preparation, relying on regular packaging methods can greatly undermine your search for products that are truly long lasting. With flexible packaging, you can hold off opening many products for a long time to come.
  • Medical devices and products can also benefit from flexible packaging. These products also have to be properly protected before being used for the first time, and that means using a type of packaging that is capable of isolating them completely from the outside environment.

The Advancements and Benefits of Flexible Packaging – What the Industry Is All About

Flexible Packaging Solutions

When it comes to packaging, no industry can boast such advanced solutions as you can find in the flexible packaging industry. Flexible packaging is relatively new, but it has gained a significant amount of ground in recent years. In fact, it offers many advantages that are considered impressive, to say the least:


  • Flexible packaging is lightweight and quite easy to open.
  • It produces less damaging waste than other packaging methods.
  • You get a practical packaging method that increases freshness and keeps perishable products in good shape far longer.
  • Shelf appeal is increased, while energy consumption is reduced to a considerable extent.


The recent advancements in flexible packaging are worth mentioning, since they reflect the full extent of how the industry is in a constant state of evolution.


Newer packaging materials and products are more resilient and lightweight, so the amount of packaging material that makes it to the landfill is diminished even more. Additionally, some of the best flexible packaging materials are also able to increase the shelf life of products more effectively an to ensure dispensing and reclosure options.


There seem to be very few limits to this industry, as flexible packaging continues to gain a significant amount of ground. When it comes to flexible packaging, anyone from small manufacturers to the most well-known industry leaders are likely to benefit from the practice.


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How Unique Label Shapes Can Make Your Business Stand Out

Label Shape OptionsThink of a few of the major brand names that stand out to you the most. Do they have a boring label or sign? When you walk past their main building, or visit their official website, is it forgettable? The answer is no. In fact, they stick to your mind like glue, and you can’t get them off your mind no matter what you do. That’s what happens when you use your brand name and label to your advantage.


Your business can naturally benefit a great deal from an unusually shaped label. This is not only because people tend to remember unusual shapes more easily, but also because the custom labels can be made to tell a story – namely, the story of why your business is so special.


If you own a business that promotes better plumbing solutions, you can have your business label display suggestive shapes, such as pipes or water drops. If you own a business that performs computer or electronic maintenance work, you can even shape your label in the form of a computer chip. Similarly, a food business can have round labels adorned like a pizza or a pancake. There is literally no limit to the creativity you can use.


A unique label shape will help clients link the label to your business more easily and promote you more efficiently than many other marketing and advertising techniques. Statistics show this solution can and has been effective in many cases.



The Latest Innovations in Packaging Technology that You Should Know About

Flexible labels

The custom packaging Denver industry and everywhere really is in constant change, trying to meet the changing demands regarding the shapes, the materials and the functions fulfilled by product wrappers. Product packaging is no longer just a container that protects the product inside – it needs to provide information, to generate and consolidate consumer interest towards the product contained and it needs to do all these in an environment-friendly and cost-efficient way. These exacting demands can be met only with permanent innovation – here are some of the latest technologies used to produce modern product packaging:

  • Convenient packaging – solutions that allow consumers to open and close the packaging on the go are becoming widespread. Pouches come with resealable closures, jars come with child-proof caps that are also easy to open and close and dosage control techniques are also more and more in demand;
  • Interactive features – thermal-sensitive labels that change color to inform customers about the temperature of the product inside, instant redeemable coupons and multi-layered, scratch-off labels that encourage consumer action, playful solutions such as packaging that emit light are also becoming more and more popular;
  • Green solutions – new, sustainable materials are introduced all the time in the packaging industry, biodegradable plastic and polymers that are cheap to manufacture and to recycle are just two examples.

Important Things to Know About Digital Printing

Digital printing labelDigital printing is the process of creating design-accurate printed products by means of linking the printing process with computers. The computers involved use special software packages to create the design to be printed and then to transmit the design created to the printing presses without loss of information. The technology allows for using the paper or the material to be printed on with as little loss as possible, while the use of special ink and paint make sure the printed material looks exactly like the design looked on the computer screen.  Find a Colorado label company that has the latest design capabilities.

Besides the high-quality outcome, digital printing comes with many other advantages over more traditional printing methods:

  • Reduced costs – the process does not require the use of printing plates, which reduces the costs of getting the printing job done;
  • Short turnaround time – fewer steps means shorter completion time as well;
  • Efficient for small and large orders alike – digital printing is the preferred label and package printing method of small manufacturers as the technology allows for efficiently handling smaller orders as well;
  • Easy customization – with digital printing, it is easy to modify existing designs by changing colors, adding or taking away design elements and complete design overhauls are easy to accommodate as well.

Trends in Summertime Product Packaging

Summer Coloring Packaging

More and more companies nowadays choose to use season-specific product packaging to get closer to their customers – here are some of the major trends in summertime product packaging that you should know about:

  • Brighter colors and season-specific imagery – the list of the words that come to our mind when we hear the word summer will surely include picnic, beach, sun, heat, outdoor and these are the images that marketers use on their summertime packaging as well. The use of season-adequate images and color themes is an effective way to create the link between the product and the season in the consumer’s mind, thus encouraging purchases;
  • Adding fun – bold colors can be efficiently paired with bold messages and some playfulness on the packaging – while the combination is efficient in any season, paired with the bright colors of summer, it can be even more striking;
  • Functionality – another trend used by marketers to boost the efficiency of their summertime product packaging is to add more functionality and to attract attention with the help of unusual shapes and clever closures including flexible packaging options. In summer we move around more, so we need products that are easy to handle and using a shower gel that comes in a container that looks like a cocktail glass is great fun.

Benefits of Changing Your Packaging with the Seasons

Using different packaging on your products to follow the succession of the seasons is a great way to maintain the attention of your customers and it comes with many other benefits as well – here are some:

  • Brand differentiation – one of the principle goals of marketing efforts is to make a product stand out in an attractive way. Seasonal branding is a proven way to attract the attention of already existing and potential customers;
  • Adding dynamism to your brand image – using a slightly different packaging each season will establish you as a producer who is active, dynamic, not afraid to change and also personable;
  • It is a great way to tap into the favorable atmosphere that is noticeable before important holidays – you can have a winter edition of your products and you can switch to a Christmas packaging just before the holiday or you can have an Easter edition by adding a few components to your spring design to elicit the right type of emotional response from your customers. If you are looking for custom packaging Colorado has a lot to offer;
  • An affordable advertising tool – you don’t need a complete overhaul of your carefully designed labels, you can change just a few components to create season-sensitive designs in a cost-efficient way.