What are your art requirements?

For all necessary details please refer to our



What are “roll unwind directions”?

Label unwind refers to the way the label comes off the roll. Primeflex offers eight different options (see chart to the right). If you’re not sure which one you need, please check with your applicator equipment provider.

Do you have minimum quantity requirements?

We don’t have minimums for production runs, but you’ll receive much more cost-effective pricing for larger runs. Incidentally, we can produce prototype runs so you can test functionality and design appeal. Please contact us for more information about that option.

What are the FDA food labeling requirements?

Make sure your labels are compliant with current FDA standards.

5 Common Artwork Mistakes

5. Supplied files are missing fonts, graphics, links, or bleeds.

4. Tight borders that do not take into account die cutting tolerances. When labels are printed there is slight movement. If you have a thin border, the unevenness will be much more apparent.

3. Designing in RGB instead of CMYK or spot colors. RGB is for web work, not print production.

2. Color expectations. The earlier in the process you can provide a color match sample, the more likely we can help you achieve it.

1. Spelling mistakes, wrong addresses and improper UPC codes. There are some things even spell check won’t catch. Double, triple check all your text and UPC codes.

5 Common Pitfalls in Product Label Production

5. Choosing a jar, tube or bottle with complex curves that require custom dies or worse,
not being able to label it at all!

4. Not testing or researching the proper adhesive that will make the label stick, especially in adverse conditions like wet or cold application environments.

3. Not utilizing experienced, professional graphic designers who understand the requirements needed to produce art for today’s newest print technologies.

2. Failing to take into account the color of the product when designing the label for glass jars. If the product color is unappealing maybe an opaque label would be better. The opposite is also true if the product is very appetizing, why cover it up with a paper label? Use a clear stock in order for the product to help sell itself.

1. Not utilizing a common size whenever possible across multiple SKU’s in order to gang production runs for greater cost efficiency.