Important Things to Know About Digital Printing

Digital printing labelDigital printing is the process of creating design-accurate printed products by means of linking the printing process with computers. The computers involved use special software packages to create the design to be printed and then to transmit the design created to the printing presses without loss of information. The technology allows for using the paper or the material to be printed on with as little loss as possible, while the use of special ink and paint make sure the printed material looks exactly like the design looked on the computer screen.  Find a Colorado label company that has the latest design capabilities.

Besides the high-quality outcome, digital printing comes with many other advantages over more traditional printing methods:

  • Reduced costs – the process does not require the use of printing plates, which reduces the costs of getting the printing job done;
  • Short turnaround time – fewer steps means shorter completion time as well;
  • Efficient for small and large orders alike – digital printing is the preferred label and package printing method of small manufacturers as the technology allows for efficiently handling smaller orders as well;
  • Easy customization – with digital printing, it is easy to modify existing designs by changing colors, adding or taking away design elements and complete design overhauls are easy to accommodate as well.

Trends in Summertime Product Packaging

Summer Coloring Packaging

More and more companies nowadays choose to use season-specific product packaging to get closer to their customers – here are some of the major trends in summertime product packaging that you should know about:

  • Brighter colors and season-specific imagery – the list of the words that come to our mind when we hear the word summer will surely include picnic, beach, sun, heat, outdoor and these are the images that marketers use on their summertime packaging as well. The use of season-adequate images and color themes is an effective way to create the link between the product and the season in the consumer’s mind, thus encouraging purchases;
  • Adding fun – bold colors can be efficiently paired with bold messages and some playfulness on the packaging – while the combination is efficient in any season, paired with the bright colors of summer, it can be even more striking;
  • Functionality – another trend used by marketers to boost the efficiency of their summertime product packaging is to add more functionality and to attract attention with the help of unusual shapes and clever closures including flexible packaging options. In summer we move around more, so we need products that are easy to handle and using a shower gel that comes in a container that looks like a cocktail glass is great fun.

Benefits of Changing Your Packaging with the Seasons

Using different packaging on your products to follow the succession of the seasons is a great way to maintain the attention of your customers and it comes with many other benefits as well – here are some:

  • Brand differentiation – one of the principle goals of marketing efforts is to make a product stand out in an attractive way. Seasonal branding is a proven way to attract the attention of already existing and potential customers;
  • Adding dynamism to your brand image – using a slightly different packaging each season will establish you as a producer who is active, dynamic, not afraid to change and also personable;
  • It is a great way to tap into the favorable atmosphere that is noticeable before important holidays – you can have a winter edition of your products and you can switch to a Christmas packaging just before the holiday or you can have an Easter edition by adding a few components to your spring design to elicit the right type of emotional response from your customers. If you are looking for custom packaging Colorado has a lot to offer;
  • An affordable advertising tool – you don’t need a complete overhaul of your carefully designed labels, you can change just a few components to create season-sensitive designs in a cost-efficient way.

How Food Product Wrappers Have Changed Over Time

Food LabelsInitially, food product packaging served the purpose of containing and protecting the product inside, but as producers and marketers realized the great advertising potentials of the wrappers, food packaging also started to evolve as carriers of advertising and information. As the food packaging industry developed, new factors have come into the picture as well: nowadays food wrappers are not only expected to be strong, informative and attractive, but to meet requirements regarding sustainability and health as well.

The earliest food wrappers were introduced hundreds of years ago and used cloth, wood, paper and glass. The Industrial Revolution added steel to the line-up, mainly in the form of boxes. By the 1960’s, steel was almost completely replaced by aluminum, a material that was resistant to corrosion and to impact, yet lightweight and much cheaper and much easier to use for producing packaging. The 1950’s and the 1960’s were the decades when plastic materials gained ground in the packaging industry as well and it looks like the material is here to stay – even today, plastic is the material that is the most frequently used for making food wrappers.

The manufacturing technologies used for making food wrappers are also in constant evolution, with research going on continuously to reduce the environmental impact of the production process and to eliminate any chemical reaction between the food and its wrapper.  A good Denver packaging company provides many options for custom labels and will be eco-friendly.

Advantages of Using Instant Redeemable Coupons to Advertise Your Product

Custom LabelsFeaturing instant redeemable, on-pack coupons on your products is an excellent way to promote your items without requiring you to rent expensive shelf space. IRC’s (the abbreviation used for the coupons) are small labels affixed to the packaging of the product and they play the role of informing customers about the various awards or other benefits they can get instant access to if they use the coupons. The solution comes with many advantages for the producers as well – here are some of them:

  • Motivation – the awards promised on the coupons are instantly accessible for the customers, therefore the coupons provide valuable incentive and motivation to purchase the product;
  • Moving out inventory that is close to expiry date – linking the award to purchases of a specific size can help producers and retailers sell items that are going to expire soon;
  • Promoting multiple products on one coupon – IRC’s can be used to promote several product brands by offering discounts to buyers who purchase one item belonging to each of the featured brands or by offering a discount on one brand for a purchase of an item belonging to another brand;
  • A cheap solution that provides high informative value – IRC’s are cheap to make and easy to add, yet they drive great value by transmitting important brand-related information and messages. A local custom label printer Denver is home to, is a place to start, to figure out what works best for your product.

Making Your Business Stand Out with Embossed Labels

Special Designed Labels

Embossed labels are among the trendiest packaging solutions used today. The process of embossing involves the employment of various techniques to alter the surface of the label, the most common methods being the attachment of film to certain parts of the design elements, the usage of special paint on the label to create a 3D effect or the usage of special presses to create an uneven label surface.

Embossed labels are popular among brand owners for various reasons – here are some:

  • Added elegance – embossing adds a certain type of visual appeal that no other label making technology can achieve, creating a luxurious perception of the product that the label is applied on;
  • Enhanced communication – the embossed elements featured on labels are the first components noticed by customers, therefore embossing is among the most efficient ways to communicate product-related information, brand-related information or promotional information to the customers;
  • Involving multiple senses – embossing involves the consumer in multiple ways, appealing not only to sight, but to touch as well;
  • A cost-efficient solution – the embossing process is quick and cheap for large and small label orders as well; a good Colorado label company will offer embossing services;
  • Endless design options – embossing works well with most other label printing techniques, so marketers and manufacturers don’t need to recreate their existing label design to accommodate the embossing process.

How to Know When Your Business Needs Custom Labels

If you run a business that sells products, you definitely need custom labels as well. Whether your business sells food products, clothes, office supplies, cosmetics or something else, you need packaging for your products. The minimum information that must be contained on product labels is determined by the law, but there are very few limitations that you need to observe while creating the design to contain the mandatory information, so not using custom labelling would be a waste of valuable advertising space.

Custom labels come with numerous great benefits without requiring a huge investment – here are some, in case you are in doubt whether you should use a personalized label design:

  • Custom labels can make your product stand out – a well-designed label will make your product memorable and will attract the attention of potential customers, thus boosting sales;
  • Custom labels can make you, as the producer or seller of a product stand out, too – the design and the quality of your labels is indicative not only of the quality of the product contained in the packaging, but of how exigent your company is when it comes to other product-related aspects. A great, informative label design, with well-chosen colors and an attractive logo will establish you as a producer or a seller who pays attention to their customers and has excellent tastes as well.

There are a number of label companies to choose from, however one of the best for our environment can be found at

The Advantages of Using Peel and Reveal Labels on Your Products

Peel and Reveal LabelsA peel and reveal label is a label consisting of multiple layers, with a top layer that can be easily removed to reveal the information contained on the layer beneath. These small labels can be applied on any type of product and they have great informative and marketing potential as well – here are some of the most important benefits of using such labels on your items:

  • A space saving solution – peel and reveal labels allow you to multiply the amount of information passed on to your customers without having to cover a large part of the product packaging in labels. One of the most common way to use peel and reveal is to display the name of the product on the top layer and product details, such as ingredients or nutrition facts on the bottom layer.  The custom label printing Denver companies offer peel and reveal as well as other label options.
  • A playful way to captivate attention – peeling off the top layer of the label is like hunting for treasures. The process activates the inner child, so using peel and reveal solutions is an excellent way to run promotions, including coupon promotions and campaigns that offer instantly redeemable awards, prizes or giveaways.
  • Varied technical solutions for high-quality labels – peel and reveal labels are made from many different materials and they are suitable for boxes, cans, bottles and other types of containers as well.

Tips for Designing Successful Custom Labels

Designing Custom LabelsCustomized label designs are essential for providing customers with important information about your product as well as for branding, so here are a few tips that can help you create the best label design for your merchandise:

  • Take your time to do your homework – the shapes and colors that you use on your labels all carry messages and the wording of the text you add to inform your customers about the most important features of your product are all essential for success, so make sure you know exactly what message you want to convey with your label.
  • Determine the shape and the size of your label – you can decide to wrap the entire container into one large label, you can choose to have a label in the front and one in back, each of them offering different details or you can have just one labels to say it all, so experiment with various designs to find the perfect fit.
  • Add artwork, but keep it simple – use an image that represents your company as well as your product, but avoid labels crowded with graphic elements and make sure the fonts match the style of the image as well. Search to see if one of the newer options of flexible packaging are suitable for the product.
  • Work with a pro – hiring a graphic artist to design your label can be costly, but it is worth it, especially if you don’t have experience in using complex graphic software.

What Is Flexographic Printing?

2 sided label printedFlexographic printing, also known as flexography or simply flexo, is a printing technology used primarily for product labels. The method is different from digital printing in terms of the technology used for transferring the ink onto the material of the label – flexo uses large, flexible printing plates fixed on rotating cylinders to press ink into the deeper layers of the sheet, while digital printing deposits the ink on the surface of the sheet, without pressing the print deeply into the material.

Flexographic printing offers numerous benefits to companies – here are some:

  • Production speed – the inks used during the printing process dry very quickly and the production line can integrate not only the printing presses, but the machines used for laminating, cutting and foiling as well. There are label companies that offer a variety of custom packaging Denver businesses incorporating for their products.
  • Durability – the technology uses special, durable and resistant inks that make it suitable for producing labels to be used outdoors and it is the go-to solutions for products that spend a long time on the shelf.
  • Precision – flexo printing can accurately execute any design with the highest possible color precision and shape fidelity.
  • Affordability and fast turnaround – flexo is a cost-efficient technology, especially for large orders and production times are also very short.