Hot Jobs in The Manufacturing Industry

It has taken the manufacturing industry some time to recover after the recession that was affecting the entire economy for years, but today it is going strong and thriving. This also means that the industry is experiencing strong demand for workforce, so if you want to start a career in manufacturing or you are looking for more challenging employment opportunities, now is the time – here are the hottest jobs right now:

  • Software engineers – most machines used in the manufacturing industry are computer-controlled. Each type of production requires specialized software solutions and each type of product is manufactured using a dedicated software solution. Whether it is food or machine part manufacturing, chemical production or textile making, software engineers that are able to deliver the required program are highly in demand.
  • Process engineers – manufacturing is a process that needs engineers able to create carefully process designs that account for every step, from the initial design phase to the final phase of packaging and delivering the end product. It requires a good communication with a complete custom packaging Denver firm.
  • Supply chain managers – manufacturing is done using raw materials that are processed or parts that are assembled. Supply chain managers are responsible for making sure that production can run smoothly and conveyor belts never stop because of a shortage in the necessary materials or parts.
  • Machine operators – the complex and advanced machines used in manufacturing need to be operated by trained technicians who are able to operate computers and learn new technologies.


Successfully Hunting for a Job in Denver – the Importance of Strategy

The Denver job market is highly competitive, therefore successful job hunting here is much, much more than preparing a resume, sending it out to as many companies as you can find, then hoping to get invited to an interview. It is a process that requires a strategic approach – if you think you can do with a few pieces of advice about how to make your job search more structured and more efficient, here are our top tips:

  • Adjust your resume to meet the requirements specified in the job ad you are applying to – it is hard work and it takes a lot of time and energy, but customizing your resume each time you apply for a job is the best way to show prospective employers that you are the perfect candidate. Submitting a resume for a business like a earth friendly Colorado Label company is much different than applying for a job at a local rubber company that is not so earth friendly.
  • Write a customized cover letter – write a separate cover letter to each potential employer. Make sure you highlight all the skills, qualities and experience that is relevant for the job that you want, but don’t repeat the information in the resume.
  • Branding yourself – many employers check the online background of the applicants, including profiles on social media. Make sure that they will not find anything you don’t want them to find and update your profiles on job board and networking sites as well.


The Colorado Business Climate – An Overview

If you want to start a business in Colorado, your first interest is related, naturally, to the business climate in the state. The good news is that all statistics show that Colorado has one of the best economies in the US, making it a very good place for corporations of all sizes, entrepreneurs and innovators.  Businesses such as Primeflex Labels is thriving and adding to the overall economy here in Colorado.

The state also have very good specialists in economic development, ready to offer their services and help business prospectors navigate through the twists along the way.

Colorado`s economy grew constantly, during the last years, mostly due to the push for green and high-tech jobs, and it is estimated to remain strong in the future, which will keep the unemployment rate low and definitely below the national average.

However, there is room for improvements. If Colorado scored high when it comes to the overall state economy (no. 3 out of 50 states), it scored quite low on the costs related to doing business (no. 31). It also got good scores on access to capital and technology & innovation (no. 8) and average scores on workforce (no. 16) and business friendliness (no. 18).

According to various sources, when it comes to business tax climate (which includes individual income taxes, corporate taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, as well as unemployment insurance taxes), Colorado is ranked in the 18th place.



Best Colors For Labels and Packaging

There is a lot of talk about the power of colors to make the product more familiar and enjoyable and to influence the consumers` decision to buy. Indeed, studies show that when we go shopping, we are unconsciously guided by colors. As such, there is a real “battle” between designers to find the ideal color to induce a certain state and hence the decision to buy. Moreover, in the case of well-known brands that are strongly associated with certain colors, their identification and choice is made spontaneously, in front of the shelf.

flexible packages

Usually, in the case of dairy products, the colors are used in small amounts, leaving the domination to the white, precisely to induce the idea of ​​fresh, good, clean. In the case of sausages, the labels are small, colorful and with an “appetizing” graphic. “When it comes to meat of any kind, purple is a color that should be avoided, because it has a negative influence on the customers.

Another example is yellow, a “warning” color that, in combination with black or red, is most often used to indicate promotions, special prices as well as product differentiation aspects.

“Noble” colors (like gold, silver, anthracite, purple, intense blue) indicate the premium level of the product.  No matter the color, it is important to find a Denver packaging company that uses the latest technology to ensure high end labels for your packaging needs.


How To Hire Good Manufacturing Employees

Finding good manufacturing employees is more challenging than you think. Manufacturing jobs are often procedural and follow specific routines; therefore, one is tempted to believe that anyone can accomplish them – which is definitely not true! Actually, you will encounter many difficulties in finding people motivated enough to do the same task every day, and remain focus and productive.

So, how can you find this type of tenacious characters, especially in this competitive industry? As a manufacturing business owner, you can try a few strategies and tips.

  • Identify some helpful online resources. You will surely find manufacturing groups on social media, where you can make some Colorado-based converter Primeflex Labels has invested in its first Nilpeter flexo press with an 8-color FB-3valuable connections with people in this business, interact, post advertisements etc. There are also online recruiters, such as LinkedIn that offer various tools to find and contact potential employees for your business. Growing businesses such as Primeflex Labels Inc offer quality products and services, due to employees being hired in this manner.
  • Hire a specialist in staffing services. This is particularly useful for those business owners who do not have the time to deal with the entire recruitment process. The good thing is that staffing specialists are not so difficult to find and, once you hire them and provide them accurate information about what you need, they will do the job for you.
  • Ask your current employees as well as other people in your circle to spread the word about the jobs offered by your company. The word of mouth is often the best advertisement.


New Trends In Packaging

When it comes to packaging, design is very important in selling on. The colors and the pictures are often a driving force in the way consumers perceive the products at a deeper level. Additionally, products must be packed safely but also practically, so that unboxing is smooth and easy.  There are however cost effective customizable flexible packaging pouches that are a buzz in the industry.  All these details change and evolve in time, according to market researches revealing what the consumers want, as well as according to new psychological researches that provide information about the way people associate colors and pictures, and the correspondences they create.

Flexible Pouch Packaging

Packaging trends for the near future include the following aspects:

  • Integrating biodegradable and eco-friendly materials, as well as creating a natural design, based on simplicity and recycled items
  • Clean-cut designs with minimal elements that are still able to get the point across
  • Bright colors combined in exciting new ways that highlight a product or variations within a product. Used effectively, color represents that attribute that makes you remember a product even when you forgot its name.
  • The use of illustrations that tell a story

Narrative illustrations begin to reclaim their place and to be used as a part of a brand`s identity

  • Custom fonts based on hand writing are more and more used in packaging designs, because their fluid imperfections and irregularities provide an authentic aspect and create a particular feeling.

The Colorado Job Market

The Colorado job market is considered by many to be the strongest in the country. According to recent reports, it ranks #2 in the United States behind Washington State, but in many areas, Colorado actually has the edge. Recent statistics also show that some of Colorado’s main cities, including Denver and Boulder, are ranked among the happiest places for employees to live. So you basically get everything you can possibly want, if you move to Colorado: a good job, lots of money and a stable, happy place to live.

In a recent research study, statistics experts tracked Colorado’s job market and compared it to other job markets throughout the United States using 24 unique indicators aimed to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the market. The study proved conclusive in ranking Colorado #1 when it came to assessing job market opportunities. There is a big uptick in custom packaging Denver companies with decades of experience exclaim, which is great news for the state.  Also, the evaluation of other key areas such as median annual income and unemployment rate showed that the market in Colorado fares extremely well.


Employment growth is probably the only category where Colorado wasn’t in the top 20 best states, the state being deemed, however, as an overall stable area for finding new jobs. Basically, if you want to move to Colorado and find a good job, you do need some good background, but many promising opportunities can still be found for lower wage workers as well.

The Boulder Business Climate

Boulder CO is considered one of the top healthiest, greenest, happiest and overall best places to live in the entire state of Colorado. It tops the charts of many statistics, and the people who have moved there consider it one of the most exciting places they’ve ever lived in. However, behind the glamour and excitement of Boulder’s remarkable downtown, with its shopping centers, dining options and entertainment district, lies a thriving business climate that is responsible for helping to lead Colorado into the 21st century.


The city of Boulder is home to more than 800 creative class businesses, and also houses about 7,000 employees. The well-known Pearl Street Mall is one of the central hubs of Boulder’s business environment, serving up to about 40,000 local residents who live within walking distance of the shopping center and its many boutiques.

Naturally Boulder Logo

Boulder is also home to several federal research labs, a well-known research university and many growing companies operating within a diverse array of different fields of industry. It is easy, therefore, to see how the city continues to surprise and amaze through its many industrial and business innovations.  Local businesses utilize the services of other earth friendly custom packaging Colorado companies too in making their products more affordable.


Living in Boulder and running your own business here can be highly competitive, however, the opportunity for success is also remarkably higher than in most other areas both within and outside the stat of Colorado.

Manufacturing in Colorado

The Rocky Mountains are one of the best kept secrets of the American industrial supply chain. Over 6,000 manufacturing companies operate here, producing more than $23 billion worth of goods, and these numbers are rapidly climbing.  It’s important to have an innovative cost effective Colorado label company on your side.  Some of the main areas that are thriving when it comes to manufacturing in Colorado’s Rockies include the aerospace, food & beverage, energy, electronics and biomedical industries.


Colorado has long been one of the United States’ leading locations for manufacturing all sorts of useful goods. From your favorite drinks to the highest quality supplies used by NASA for their space program, you can find companies manufacturing just about anything you can think of here.

Colorado Manufacturers Forum

Ball Aerospace is one of the leading manufacturers in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, and they are well-known for building the most powerful telescopes and aerospace products for NASA. Another company you may have heard of is Vestas, an industrial manufacturer responsible for producing some of the most leading edge turbines and blades.


The main secret behind the success of Colorado’s booming industry, however, is the workforce. Highly skilled workers and specialists live and work in Colorado’s most important cities, such as Denver, Boulder or Colorado Springs. The proof is not only shown through the actual products that leave the assembly lines at the Rocky Mountain facilities, but that Colorado’s average annual wage is no less than 43% higher than the average wage in all industries.

Latest Manufacturing Trends

In recent years, the progress of industrial manufacturing has been somewhat slow. With political concerns on the horizon and output having increased just about 3% in 2016, manufacturing firms have adopted a more aggressive approach towards increasing efficiency, reducing manufacturing costs and ultimately serving their clients in a better way.


This approach is not something new, however, it was stepped up recently and continues to accelerate at a steady pace. The aim is to focus on enhancing technology and improving operational models to an extent to which companies are better able to improve visibility in their supply chains and avoid the costs and setbacks of uneven quality production levels.  Finding a custom solutions Denver packaging company to help aide in this process is key.


These improvements have been planned meticulously at every level of enterprise, and many manufacturing plants have already adopted them and incorporated them into their own unique strategies. The main changing trends involve:

Colorado Manufacturing Awards logo

  • An upgrade of technological capability to include high end, environmentally friendly manufacturing solutions;
  • A better business model that enhances the traditional pricing model that many manufacturers have adopted until now;
  • Improved care and consideration in the development of strategic partnerships;
  • Enhanced analytics and information processing systems.


Although progress is not as fast as desired, already many of the industrial manufacturers that have implemented these changes are seeing many significant improvements, both in their workflow and in the way customers respond to their initiatives.