How to Catch A Customer’s Attention with Your Coupons

Instant redeemable couponsCoupons are more than just an opportunity to offer your customers some savings – they are marketing tools of great potential that are far more valuable than the discount they give out. Here are a few tips about how to use them efficiently:

  • Make your coupons instantly redeemable – the feature will keep the attention of your customers and will prompt them to have a closer look at all your products or services, not only the ones that the coupons are for. Look to a locally based Colorado label company for peel and redeem coupon capabilities.
  • Make your coupons relevant – design your coupon promotions based on what your customers are really looking for, otherwise you risk wasting precious time and energy on a campaign that fails to deliver the expected results.
  • Set deadlines to create a sense of urgency – statistical data show that coupon promotions that are offered only for a limited amount of time are more successful than the ones offered for longer periods such as an entire year.
  • Reciprocity – ask interested customers to enter their email address before they redeem your coupons – that way you will be able to harness the benefits of the natural inclination of the human being to return favors by getting more email addresses for your mailing list.

Unique Design Ideas for Wine Labels

3 wine bottlesThe design of the label featured on a wine bottle is important for widely known and appreciated wines, but they are even more important for products that are newcomers on the highly competitive wine market. Given that bare wine bottles look almost the same, it is the label that will make your wine stand out and it is the label design that will convince the customer to grab your wine and buy it – here is how to create labels of maximum impact:

  • Choose a theme that represents you – classic, modern, funky, elegant, artsy and the list of themes can go on and on. Make sure the style that you pick is in harmony with the wine that you sell, too.
  • Personalize your label – add a family symbol, an illustration of your mansion or a little drawing that captures a moment in the wine making process to give your customers a glimpse of what you do.
  • Make it informative – the name of the wine, the year when the grape for it was harvested, the name of the variety or of the blend and the name of your winery are all very important.
  • Choose the right label size – use smaller labels on thinner, more delicate bottles and stick larger labels on larger wine bottles.

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Work Place Safety Recommendations

Training on health and safety issues at work helps a company to have employees with more appropriate, safer behaviors at work. However, without a rigorous and profound radiography of how employees actually contribute to the safety culture, any training program, even the most extensive, has a limited impact.

Health & Safety Eco-Friendly

Focusing on a healthy and secure environment includes focusing on people, not just on systems, processes, or procedures.  It is our focus here at Primeflex where we provide eco-friendly custom packaging Denver businesses love and appreciate.

In this case, when we talk about people, we need to consider an evaluation of an employee`s personality, as well as a diagnosis of the organizational climate. How can we do this and what does it mean more concretely? There are professional diagnostic solutions that help organizations to assess exactly these two important aspects:

  • future and current employees, in terms of behaviors that can predict the tendency towards not following rules and procedures, taking unnecessary risks, reacting impulsively etc. (behaviors that increase the risk of incidents or accidents)
  • the organizational climate, from the perspective of the health and security component, synthesizing the perceptions about the company’s best practices in this regard.

These diagnostic solutions provide the management team with valuable information and advice on those behavioral issues that need to be addressed in operational teams, in order to minimize the risks of incidents and accidents.

Identifying individually those personality traits that can lead to risky behaviors at work can be a crucial step in the selection processes, in all professional environments.



Space Saving Ideas for Offices

Well Organized Office Space

People who work in an office know very well how important it is to have an efficient workspace. But is this possible in a small and crowded office?

With a little redecoration and better organization, even small offices can be fully functional and comfortable. The key is to change your perspective and stop focus on the space limitations.

The first thing you can do is to avoid using so much paper. We live in a tech world and there are many solutions to save your documents and access them anytime you want, without printing them. Relying less on paper means less filing cabinets in the office.

The next step is defining the office space and de-cluttering.  Use company logo flexible packaging for shipping purposes, eliminating the storage of other packaging materials.  A minimalist style and decorations are enough for an office, so take everything else out, because it would only slow you down both physically and mentally.

Use commercial wall-to-wall flooring or carpeting, paint the walls in a light shade and use adequate lighting that doesn’t create shadows. Do not use floor lamps, because they will only crowd the space even more. The same goes for other decorations that must be placed on the floor.

Last but not least, think vertically, use shelves as well as space-efficient furniture, smaller desks and mobile monitors.

Modern Packaging Design Trends to Follow

Old Trends in Packaging

Out of the desire to meet consumers’ needs, packaging design trends are constantly changing, becoming one of the most exciting and dynamic sectors of the packaging industry. Specialists warn that certain trends are beginning to fade, so in the coming years we can forget about the packaging with excessive graphics and dull colors. The new packaging design trends are quite the opposite and here are some of their characteristics.

  • Simplicity

The minimalist style is observed in all design categories, so in the coming years we could see modern, minimalistic packaging, far from the classical, “old school” designs. White space begins to dominate the surface of the packaging, being surrounded by just a few colors and only the most relevant product information.

  • Experimental packages

Designers with a known Denver packaging company take on more and more creative risks and come with innovative packaging solutions, willing to test more and more boundaries

  • Sustainable packaging

As consumers become more aware of the impact of their purchases over the environment, more and more brands opt for organic packaging. Plastic (which is cheap and affordable) is slowly replaced with biodegradable materials such as paper, bamboo and glass. Researchers have already gone even further, by inventing sustainable packaging made from algae gel or even edible packaging solutions.


Best Practices To Follow In Manufacturing

Best Manufacturing Practices

The manufacturing industry has changed quite a lot in the last 20-30 years, and lately the changes are significantly faster than ever. In this ever-changing marketplace, manufacturing companies must find ways to keep up. Adopting the best practices in this industry is always a key to success.

First, it is about considering more than just the work performed within the manufacturing facility. Companies must now think about all the details, from raw materials, to manufacturing processes and the contracts with retailers, designing custom packaging Colorado businesses want, and so much more. They are looking for new solutions for complete operations management and quality control.

Statistics show that manufacturing companies that have been concerned about these aspects for a long time and improved their work procedures constantly experience increases in every direction: on-time delivery, equipment effectiveness, raw material usage and customer services. All these ultimately translate into efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Successfully manufacturing companies that maintained their position in the market for years are much more likely to combine traditional and automated methods, as well as to utilize quality management systems and manufacturing intelligence.

In the future, they are also expected to invest in enterprise solution platforms able to connect all the important business processes and in fully automated data collection.

Colorado Business Growth Prospects

When it comes to job growth, the annual forecast show Colorado ranking high in the top 10 states, which makes it a very good place for people in search of career and business growth opportunities. In these circumstances, there is no wonder that Colorado has one of the fastest rates of population growth in the country. This year, it added almost 100,000 people and reached a total of 5.5 million.

Business growth prospects were visible in most sectors, except for natural resources and mining. Construction sector was the most active, with a job growth of almost 6%.

The industries with the most significant contribution to job gains in 2018 are expected to be professional and business services with an emphasis in custom packaging Denver services, trade transportation and utilities, as well as education and services. Together, they will add almost 30,000 jobs.

Higher prices for natural gas and oil will also make natural resources stronger. Trade employment will grow too, in 2018, in spite of e-commerce.

However, there is a problem that everyone is talking about: the aging workforce and the insufficient number of skilled workers to fill all the existing jobs.

Even so, Colorado will remain among the top 10 states with the most significant business growth prospects and will continue to be the envy of many other states.




Pointers for finding a job in Colorado manufacturing

The manufacturing industry in the United States used to have great productivity, but the recession weakened it, just as it weakened most other sectors of the economy. During the last couple of years, the state of Colorado witnessed its revival; however, one problem still exists: a significant shortage of skilled workers. Due to this fact, it should not be too difficult to find a job in manufacturing, these days, as companies keep running advertisements and do their best to attract employees.  Businesses such as a Colorado label company are experiencing growth in meeting the demands of the manufacturing companies.

About 20% of the existing jobs in the manufacturing sector require no skills; for the rest, you will need vocational training or better and an associate’s degree that can be acquired in a few years. Payment will be higher for workers with specialized certification, so education must not be neglected.

Additionally, a candidate for a manufacturing job should have the following personal qualities and skills:

  • Be clean and able to pass a drug test

As an employee of a manufacturing company, you will work in a demanding factory setting, with potentially dangerous equipment, so you will not be allowed to put the working environment at any risk.

  • Good social communication

Workers in the manufacturing industry often work in teams, so they must operate as such.

  • Ability to work with computerized equipment that exists in most factories these days
  • Ability to respect a schedule, show up on time and be dependable.



Hiring Hurdles For Manufacturing Companies

Beautiful girl tells everyone the good newsThe good news is that the US`s economic recovery is on its way and the manufacturing industry keeps growing, after the recession. The bad news is that manufacturing companies encounter difficulties in recruiting trained workers, able to keep up with the current demand for services and products, in spite of running permanent advertisements.


Aging workforce and the fact that young people are not attracted anymore to the manufacturing sector primarily cause this situation. Career guidance provided by parents and school counselors alike is college-oriented, even if college is not for everyone and should not be emphasized as the only favorable career choice.

If the manufacturing industry wants to attract more workers in the future, it must work on cleaning up its image. Look to a eco friendly Denver packaging company to provide wonderful training and learn more about the logistics of manufacturing jobs.  Technical colleges must be encouraged and manufacturing companies should find ways to collaborate with them, developing apprenticeship programs and bringing young students in direct contact with job opportunities that they probably did not even know existed.

In the same time, manufacturing companies should improve their organizational culture, by adopting new measures to meet the needs of the new generations of workers: better working conditions, better communication, better career opportunities (opposed to mediocre job opportunities to make a living for the time being) etc.




News in the Colorado Manufacturing Industry

Made in colorado with usa map. 3d illustration

According to the Department of Commerce, the manufacturing industry keeps growing at a steady pace. Since the recession, manufacturing output has increased with almost 40% in Colorado and keeps adding new jobs every year; this aspect, as well as the rate of population  growth in the state, puts manufacturing companies in the position to keep recruiting in order to fill vacant positions.

What is interesting to observe is that the manufacturing center of gravity tends to move from traditional areas (Pueblo and Colorado Springs) to the north: metro Denver area, Greeley and Fort Collins are seeing the manufacturing sector becoming more and more important. In metro Denver and in Greeley, it rose with almost 4% last year, while in Fort Collins it rose with over 6%.

Specialist identified that this year, the priorities for manufacturing companies in Colorado included cutting operational costs , seeking new markets and strategic planning for short term. In order to keep growing in the future, they must also focus on continuously improving their operational infrastructure.  Take for instance packaging companies looking to expand their flexible packaging options to help reduce cost for their clients which also helps the environment.

In 2018, sectors like high tech and construction supplies are expected to do better than others, but overall, specialists estimate that the manufacturing industry in Colorado will reach the production levels that used to exist before the recession.